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New Instinct/Intuition 1.5

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To our amazing fans we would like to announce the arrival of the updated Instinct 1.5 and Intuition 1.5. These shoes feature the same great fit and feel that you enjoyed with the original. Everything under foot is the same with a slight addition of spring at the toe to provide a faster feel. The upper has been redesigned with a new updated mesh and look.

With this launch the original Instinct and Intuition will soon be on sale at 25% off MSRP.

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    • Love them!! Must have! I love my Instinct “moon shoes” and all, as they are the best running shoes I have ever owned, but let’s face….I’m not sure they are noticed on the streets (or from space) for being the greatest looking shoes! These will be appreciated all around. Thanks Altra!

  1. I love the new look… Except I don’t wear pink 🙁 I’d love a women’s Intuition in a red!! Any chance that might be coming in the future? I always wear my light blue Intuitions to run in now and I don’t think I’d run in anything else anymore.

    • No red Intuition, but we do have a green version coming out in mid October. Hope to have those up online by early next week for your viewing pleasure.

    • I don’t wear pink either. And I try not to wear blue. Unfortunately, most women’s running shoes are in shades of pink and blue while the men get all the cool colors.

  2. I thought you didn’t believe in toe-spring? Does this affect the more natural feel of the shoe? Is it still just as soft and flexible? I love my instincts and love more breathable shoes and colors…but I don’t want to risk getting a shoe that feels unnatural.

    • Toe spring is not a bad thing if used in moderation. Too much toe spring can be unnatural, also not having enough toe spring can be unnatural as well because it can cause the shoe to get in the way of your foot motion. Naturally the human foot dorsaflexes, which means that the toes spring up through stride. Because of the limited toe spring on The Instinct and Lone Peak we have seen some blow through the top of the mesh at the toes and also some people trip over the shoe or catch it on rocks on trail. We are working to find a happy medium and balance with this and really are happy with the results that we have found with the new Instinct 1.5.

  3. Hello, the new look on the instic is great, is there going to be new lone peaks also, when???? thks

  4. Jeremy,

    A couple of quick questions…

    1) I’d like to order a pair of the Instinct 1.5s – but wondering if they run small like the originals? Do I need to go up a size?

    2) Any chance we’ll see Provision 1.5s? I love the original Instinct – but the Provision and Adam are two of my all-time favorite shoes.

    After years of around-the-clock work and not taking care of myself, thinking I didn’t have the time or ability to be an athlete/runner – I had a stroke in late 2011. Today, however, I am running 30-40 miles a week, entering road and trail races, and healthier and happier than I’ve ever been. I’m not the same person that I was even a year ago.

    I credit two things for helping me to change/improve my life: Good friends – who worked with me, encouraged me, and helped me to learn about natural running – and Altra footware, which has helped me to do it injury free and in comfort.

    Thank you, Altra! Seriously – thank you.

    • Jeffrey,

      Thanks for the comment! We love seeing our shoes improve health and promote a healthier lifestyle! The sizing on the new shoes will be the same as the old Instincts so order the same size. We’re updating the color on the Provisions but thats it for now.

      Your story sounds great! Check out our blog post that shows the criteria for submitting it to be a featured Altramaniac!

  5. I loved my Instincts, but after awhile they seemed too cushioned and slow. My Samson’s are a bit thin for the road. I’m hoping the 1.5 will have a foot bed somewhere between the two and be a bit faster feeling.

  6. Love my version 1.0 of the Instinct, they have definitely changed the way I look at running. Very interested to try the new version!

    Jeremy – hope all’s well, we chatted briefly at the CF Games a few weeks back.

  7. Just bought my second pair of Instincts, but I must be hooked because I’m thinking I need to order a pair of 1.5’s.

  8. This is exciting! I’m looking forward to trying them out and see how they differ from the current model, which I love in almost every way and is a goto shoe for long road distances.

    My biggest curiosity centers on the heel of the shoe. The 1.0 model has a design flaw, where the vertical heel tab comes up and forms a hard ridge with an even harder endpoint that mercilessly dug into my achilles leading to bloody blisters, especially on the right foot. These “hard points” were different in placement and severity between the left and the right shoe. I exchanged them but new pair had the same issues. Obviously a big bummer.

    I know it’s a design flaw/manufacturer’s defect because my Lone Peaks are designed different and have a cushy mesh foam achilles ridge and give me no problems (neither do any of the other 8 pair of running shoes I own).

    I hope this was fixed with the 1.5’s! Go Altra!

    • Unfortunately due to current market trends and the current demand we will not be updating the Adam. You can currently pick it up online for 35% off or get The Samson which at this current time is the replacement for The Adam.

  9. Just saw pics and video of the Superior. Can’t wait to try it out. Any idea when it will be released? I’ve heard everything from mid-September to next spring.

  10. Jeremy, just picked up a pair a 1/2 size larger than my normal running shoes and they seem a bit long – about 1.5 inches on my left foot and just over a half inch on my right … from my longest toe (Morton’s Toe). Do you guys ever advise on your shoes being too long in length? Or are they designed in a way that extra length is a good thing? Many thanks.

    • I recommend a thumbs width from the end of your longest toe to the end of the shoe. If you are excessively long on the shoe then that can be a problem. You should be okay, but you could also maybe go down a 1/2 size as well. The key is to not trip over your shoes.

    • We apologize. We are having some notification problems. Those shoes were out of stock the first day they went live. We have now received full shipment of those and they started shipping out last Friday.

  11. My 1.5s were purchased in October and were only worn a few weeks when the grey mesh tore on the top front of each shoe – both sides – near the toe. Is this being seen on many shoes or did I have a single defective pair? i would like to buy another pair if it is not a common problem.

    • It sounds like a defect. I passed your information on to our customer service department. I hope that they have contacted you.

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