Rivers Puzey


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Hometown: Flagstaff, AZ & Oahu, HI
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Facebook: Facebook.com/Thomas.puzey
Favorite Shoe: The Lone Peak & The One

I split my time between Oahu and Flagstaff. I love the ocean and find solace in the mountains. I believe in change, progression, music, fruit snacks, books, struggle, tolerance, beards, smiles, balance, and the law of the harvest. I love my girls. I believe that analyzing your happiness is counter productive. I believe that analyzing other’s “energy” is just another way to pass judgement. I believe that food should look beautiful and taste good. I’m not a big fan of loud noises, big trucks, or narrow minds. I believe that most people and situations respond best to love. I believe in endurance athletics. I feel that they provide a microcosmic view of the universe and help me to better understand my place in it.

2014 Schedule (where you’ll see Rivers):
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