Jason Vaughan (Ras)

Adventure Runner


Hometown: Oroville, WA
Personal Blog: UltraPedestrian.com
Facebook: facebook.com/JahsonItes

I am a back packer who became a back-of-the-packer, and live in the middle of nowhere in northcentral Washington with my wife Kathy. I am of a mind that one doesn’t spend a day running around in the woods, one INVESTS a day running around in the woods. My quest is to help forge new paradigms for describing success in endurance running beyond simple speed. My goal is to continue pushing the boundaries of what I can do, until I finally discover what I can’t do. What a blessing to be alive!

2013 Schedule (where you’ll see Ras):
Running the WA Super Slam, ie, all the 100+ miles races in the state, including:
Badger Mountain Challenge, trail race, 100 mile, 03/29-03/30, Richland, WA
Lumberjack Trail Runs, trail race, 100 mile, 04/13-04/14, Port Gamble, WA
Pigtails Challenge, trail race, 200 mile, 05/23-05/26, Renton, WA
Cascade Crest Classic, trail race, 100 mile, 08/24-08/25, Easton, WA
Plain 100 Mile Endurance Run, trail race, 100 mile, 09/14-09/15, Plain, WA

Also, In 2013 I will attempt to become the first person to run around the base of Glacier Peak (approx 90 miles) and may attempt to double that as well. I will also be attempting the following OKTs: Kettle Crest Trail (65 mile point to point no one has ever done on a little known trail) single and double, Timberline Trail (40 miles around Mt. Hood) double and triple, Looit Trail (30 miles around Mt St Helens) double, triple, and quadruple, and the Devil’s Dome Loop (a classic 45 mile route in the North Cascades) double.

2012 Highlights:
Becoming the first person to ever run the Wonderland Trail around the base of Mt Ranier twice in a single push
Double Wonderland, reversing direction, 186 miles, 09/06-09/10, establishing the Only Known Time of 89:35:00

Being one of only nine people to finish the first 200 mile race ever put on in Washington state:
Pigtails Challengetrail race, 200 mile, 05/24-05/27, Renton, WA, time: 69:24:00

Running the Chuckanut 50k (trail race, 03/17, Bellingham, WA, time 08:59:00), Gorge Waterfalls 50k (trail race, 03/25, Cascade Locks, OR, time 05:46:25) , and Badger Mountain 100 mile (trail race, 03/30, Richland, WA, time 29:51:08), on consecutive weekends and finishing them all, including my 2nd fastest 50k time ever at Gorge