Erin Sutton

Road Runner

Erin wins Rock n Roll Marathon

Hometown: Kennesaw, GA

I ran cross country and track competitively in college. I continued to coach my team as I worked on my masters. After I finished my masters, I started working at a running store where I learned about ChiRunning and Altra Zero Drop shoes. I am in the process of getting certified in ChiRunning, managing a running store, and running more efficiently and injury free. I am a manager at a running store and many people ask what my favorite shoes are and what shoes I run in. I tell them about my successful transition and the races I have won wearing Altras.

2013 Schedule (where you’ll see Erin):
February 17, 2013 Birmingham Mercedes Half Marathon
March 23, 2013 Palm 100 in Ft. Lauderdale 50K distance
October 6, 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon
Thanksgiving Day Atlanta Half Marathon


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