Christopher Whelchel

Triathlon & Trail

Christopher Whelchel

Hometown: Austin, TX
Personal Blog:
Twitter: @whelchel

I’ve really enjoyed watching the company grow and the excitement that has developed through product development. I’ve had great personal success with the shoes in both my racing and training so continuing the relationship with Altra would be fantastic! I’ve also appreciated the feedback I’ve recieved from people in which I’ve recommended the shoes to and hearing about their positive experiences. Representing a company that listens and responds the the needs of an athlete is nothing more than an amazing and symbiotic relationship!

2013 Schedule (Where you’ll see Chris this year):
Ironman 70.3 Galveston, Triathlon, 4/7/13, Galveston, TX.
5150 Kansas City, Triathlon, 5/19/13, Kansas City
Ironman Buffalo Springs, Triathlon, 6/30/13, Buffalo Springs, TX.
Hyvee Triathlon (5150 National Championship), Triathlon, 9/1/13, Des Moines, IA.
Trifecta Triathlon, Triathlon, Olympic, 9/15/13, Possum Kingdom Lake, TX.

** Few more on the list including half marathons, but above is “A” races.