10 Winter Training Tips

Spring races are hard to get ready for when Winter lingers and impacts your training. And there is only so much treadmill time we can take, right? Even in the worst of external conditions there is a way to continue training and be ready to PR early in the season. Some of these will be […]

Running Tip: Motivation – 5 Secrets to Success

There are literally hundreds of ideas I could share on getting and staying motivated to get out and go run. Unfortunately, I don’t have the finger strength and doubt any of you have the interest in reading all of those. So I’ll focus on five main ideas that can help you get up, get dressed […]

Running Tips: Success Secrets

I’m sure everyone has their own secret to success. These little gems are usually personal and came about as a result of some deep introspection or from having ‘the perfect day’. Some might be actual practices, while others might be odd superstitions. In either case, they work and are thereafter unchanging. After speaking with many […]

Running Tips: Trail Vision

A lot of people are scared to take up trail running because they fear the rocks and potential to fall and get hurt. That is an understandable fear because it will eventually happen to every trail runner no matter how many precautions they take. There are a few simple tips to help you be successful […]

Running Tip: Consistency

Rhythm… That repetitive action that causes us to bob our heads or tap our toes. It is the instinctual nature to continue moving forward that resonates into our life of running. I am often asked how I was able to push through the tough times of running, back when it wasn’t ‘fun’. For so many […]

Running Tip: Making Time

For nearly all of us, running is a recreational activity we do to keep ourselves healthy, happy and sane. However, it requires us to set aside time out of our busy schedule. While schedules vary from person to person, there is one constant for everyone. There are 24-hours in a day. How you choose to […]

Running Tips: Fueling

Fueling has and always will be a tricky subject as it is something that is usually quite personal. Every person’s body reacts differently to fueling while running and therefore what works for one person may not work for another. In this article I won’t attempt to try and tell anyone ‘what to eat’, but instead […]


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