Sara Brunazzi

Ultra Marathoner

sara bridge

Personal Blog:
Twitter: @runbanshee
Instagram: @Endorphinmom
Favorite Shoe: The Superior

I am the owner of (and an avid Altra convert) as well as a wife, mother of two, full time employee, and college student. I started running in 2008, ran my first ultra in 2009, and I just finished my 76th lifetime race. I hope to finish my first 100 mile race in 2013 and earn a coaching certification so I can begin helping others reach their dreams. By far my biggest dream is to see my children grow up with an appreciation of health and fitness!

2013 Schedule (where you’ll see Sara):
Shamrock Marathon, 3/17/13, Virginia Beach, VA
North Coast 24 Hour, 4/20/13, Ohio
Burning River 100 Mile, 7/27/13, Ohio
Baker Trail Ultrachallenge, 50 mile, 8/24/13, PA
Oil Creek 100 mile, 10/5/13, Oil Creek, PA