Ryan Eisberg

Road Runner

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Hometown: West Sacramento, CA
Personal Blog: cornerchatter.blogspot.com & gogumption.com
Facebook: facebook.com/chlorinatedfish
Twitter: @chlorinatedfish & @gumptiongear
Instagram: @gumptiongear & @chlorinatedfish
Favorite Shoe: The Lone Peak

BIO: Confession time: I’m not a runner by nature. I’m more fish than gazelle, more porpoise than cheetah. I’ve always been far more comfortable in large bodies of chlorinated water than I have been on any track or run course. 

Yet running was always part of my training program and cardio routines. Unfortunately, the reality was that every time I embarked upon a lengthy run regimen, my body would tap out just a few weeks in. Without fail, my knees and lower back would succumb to increased pressure and pain. The shin splits would kick in, and my running would come to a crashing halt.  

I wasn’t built for running. My knees weren’t built for long miles across the asphalt. My long lenky frame was better suited for a life of almost any athletic endeavor outside of running. At least that’s what I told myself. Then I stumbled upon Altra Footwear and the concept of Zero Drop Footwear – and it was at that point all of my preconceived notions of running melted away. I’ve been running faithfully in Altra shoes every since.  
I am a LMU grad with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. My early career was spent chasing black lines in pools and playing water polo at the collegiate and professional levels. Today I’m a proud husband and father spending my time chasing around three little tikes, bagging peaks across the Sierra Nevada, running the Sacramento levees and stalking adventure.
2015 Schedule: 
March 7: Davis Lucky Run

April 19: Sacramento Zoo Zoom
May 9: Dirty Secret Trail Run
July: Moonlight Half Marathon
July 26: Blood, Sweat and Beers Trail Run
August 30: Buffalo Stampede
September: Davis Rock the 80s Run
November 8: Big Sur Half

“Stay the course. Trust the course. Don’t forget what you’re doing.  Put the blinders on. Don’t listen to the outside folks. They want you to listen. They want to bring you down.” – Coach John Thompson Jr.