Rachel Kelley

Road & Ultra Trail Runner

Rachel Kelley

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Personal Blog: THwisp.wordpress.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Rachel.b.kelley
Twitter: @kelley_wisp
Instagram: @wisp_kelley
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Currently I would call myself an ultra trail runner, who still loves to keep up her speed on the roads, and by doing stadium work-outs.
I have been running all my life, in one way or another.  I had so much energy my parents insisted I had to be involved with a sport all year ’round.  At the age of six they started me in every sport they could sign me up for, and I stuck with two things; soccer and track…because I could run, and run myself silly!
I ran my first road race with  my dad at age 11, it was a fourth of July race, and I came in second in the 16 and under age group.  From then on I was always running, or training for soccer by running.
I opted not to run track in college and took a year off from activity all together, but soon I realized I missed running and started putting together training programs just for fun.
After college my, then, boyfriend (now husband) decided he wanted to run half marathons, so for fun I joined in.  My first half was the Rock and Roll Virginia Beach with a time of 1:28. After calling a few family members and confirming this was actually a decent time for someone who was spending most of her time frantically working to pay back college loans, I decided I needed to run a few more races.
I ran several more half marathons, with a pr of 1:26 before running anything longer. On a dare I ran the Philly Marathon, with a time of 3:00:53, but soon after my father in law became ill and I put racing aside for several years, as it just sort of “knocked the wind out of my sails.”
Fast forward to 3 years ago, we moved to Chapel Hill, NC and through a friend and neighbor I found myself getting into trail and ultra racing. I am now part of a fun running group called the TrailHeads, and have been running ultra’s ever since!
The first being the Uwharrie 40 miler, yes I just had to immediately jump into a 40 mile race for my first trail race.  I surprised myself by coming in as the second place women.  Since then some of my notable finishes include Bull Run Run 2013, 1st place female, Pinhoti 100 2013, 5th place female, Uwharrie 20 mile mountain run 2013,  2nd place female, and most recently Mount Mitchell 40 mile Challenge; 3rd place female.

2014 Schedule (where you’ll see Rachel):
February: Mount Mitchell Challenge 40 mile race
March: Pacing at Graveyard 100
April: Bull Run Run 50 mile (tentatively)
         Promise Land 50k
         Pace Group Leader for the Tarheel 10miler
June: Big Horn 50 mile
October: Grindstone 100

Running Highlights
4mile 24:58
10 mile 69 min
1/2 marathon 1:26
marathon 3 hours
40 mile (Uwharrie Mountain Run)7:34 2nd female
20 mile (Uwharrie Mountain Run) 3:24 2nd female
50 mile (Bull Run Run) 8:14 1st female
100 mile (Pinhoti 100) 22:59:07 5th female”