Bryan Jolly

Ultra Runner

Bryan Jolley

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Personal Blog:
Twitter: @chasing_flow
Instagram: @johnthursday
Favorite Shoe: The Lone Peak

Bryan was a late convert to running. As a Division 3 All-American basketball player, he grew up in a culture where running was considered a punishment, something used to pay for a mistake. Later in life, he started to use running as a means to an end, a way to regulate weight and maintain fitness. It wasn’t until he discovered trail running—mountain running in particular—that he developed a deep respect for the intrinsic value of running in itself. Now, he hasn’t taken a day off of running for as long as he can remember. He does it to give his soul a chance to luxuriate. To escape the screens and noise and general commotion that makes up the majority of city living.
Bryan runs to feel connected to the earth; to develop a relationship with the landscape. To him, running is the most instinctual, simple task he can experience. To ruin the simplicity with a fat-heeled running shoe would be the ultimate travesty. Altra’s zero drop, foot-shaped platform lets him experience the full primal nature of this millennia-old endeavor.
A personal trainer and running coach by trade, Bryan spends as much time in the Santa Monica Mountains as possible, with weekend trips to the high country whenever possible. With some early success in the 50k and 50 mile distance, his first 100 miler looms on the 2014 horizon.

2014 Schedule (where you’ll see Bryan):
02-01-14: Sean O’Brien 50m – Malibu, CA
04-04-14: Zion 100k; Virgin, UT
06-07-14: Squaw Peak 50m – Provo, UT
08-23-14: Bulldog 50KM – Calabasas, CA
09-26-14: The Bear 100 – Logan, UT
10-30-14: Red Rock 50m – Santa Barbara, CA
(With at least two more events forthcoming)

Running Highlights:
3rd Place, 2013 Mailbu Canyon 50KM; Malibu, CA
8th Place, 2013 Headlands 50 Mile Endurance Run; Marin, CA
18th Place 2013 Skyline Mountain Marathon; Ogden, UT