Brandon Williams

Trail Runner


Hometown: Eatonville, WA
Personal Blog:
Twitter: @Burnsy1181
Instagram: @bw1181
Favorite Shoe: The Lone Peak

I have always been engaged in the outdoors for as long as I can remember. Camping, hiking and skiing as a kid it grew into a burning passion and longing to be in wild remote places. Progressively evolving into a climber, trail runner and mountain wanderer can only scratch the surface of my being. Born with a creative mind, that needs a creative outlet I look at everything with an artistic eye. Still a fresh runner, started a mere four years ago, with lots of room to improve I’m excited to see what the world of Mountain and trail running have to offer me over the long term. To get me there I’m excited to to work with Altra as their shoes have been great for me and the only ones that are natural feeling without causing major issues to my feet.

2014 Schedule (where you’ll see Brandon):
03/08:  Stewart Mt trail 1/2 marathon – Bellingham, WA
04/05: Cottontail 6 hour, Carkeek Park – Seattle, WA
05/10: Lost Lake 50k – Bellingham, WA
05/18: Sun Mt 25k – Winthrop, WA
06/07: Rainier to Ruston 50m relay – Tacoma, WA *still up in the air
06/21: Lynch Creek Runs 5/10k, race directing – Eatonville, WA
07/10: Dog Mountain 21k – Stevenson, WA
Late July: early August -Tatoosh Traverse,  25k 8,000 ft +/- point to point link up of the 7 peaks in the Tatoosh Range. Scramble/mountain running
Late June, Early July: Summit of Mt Rainier
Mid August: Wonderland trail 4.5 days, filming project