Aaron Spurlock

Mountain Trekker, Ultramarathoner


Hometown: Pocotello, ID
Personal Blog: adventureboyman.blogspot.com
Twitter: @Darthrunner
Instagram: @jeremyspurlock578
Favorite Shoe: The Lone Peak

After spending my twenties partying, I decided to change my lifestyle going into my third decade. I started running a few miles here and there in an effort to get into a little better shape. My father had run a few ultras and introduced me to mountain and trail running and it didn’t take long for me to get hooked. He challenged me to run a 50k in 2007 and I decided to go big by running a 50 miler instead. I suffered tremendously and finished near the cutoff but it lit a fire in me. I knew as soon as I crossed the finish line that I would someday finish a 100 mile race. I have since completed some of the toughest 100 mile races in the country and am in search of ever-greater challenges. In addition to racing, I enjoy traveling light, fast and far across all kinds of remote terrain. When I’m not running I’m busy spending time with my family, studying to be a physical therapist and trying new things to eat!

2014 Schedule (where you’ll see Aaron):
March 21, Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50 Mile, Syracuse UT
April 18, Grand Canyon R2R2R
May 17, Massanutten 100, Fort Valley VA
June 20, Bighorn 100, Dayton WY
July 10, Ronda del Cims 160k, Andorra

Race Highlights
5th Overall Bighorn 100M 2013
4th Overall HURT 100M 2013
1st Overall Antelope 100k 2012
3rd Overall Buffalo Run 100M 2012