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Damian Stoy

Mountain Runner

My passion is helping others run with more joy, fewer injuries and to accomplish their dreams. As a coach and elite ultra marathon runner.

Jill Burchmore

Wellness Coach
Lifestyle 1 - Crop Tight Smaller

Dana Anderson

Road Runner
Dana Anderson

Since my first run 5 years ago, I have run 6 marathons and 16 half-marathons.

Arianne Brown

Road & Trail Runner

It wasn't until after four burn-out years in college, and after having my fifth child, that I realized how much I truly loved the sport of running.

Jason Vaughan (Ras)

Adventure Runner

First person to ever run the Wonderland Trail around the base of Mt Ranier twice in a single push

Jeff Smith


55 year old middle of the pack runner and host of The Running Podcast which is heard in 163 countries.

Mary Castelanelli


Craig Lloyd

Adventure Running/Mountain Running
Craig Lloyd

Drop me off in the middle of nowhere and let me run home. Trust me, I know what I'm doing...sort of.

Aaron Spurlock

Mountain Trekker, Ultramarathoner

My father had run a few ultras and introduced me to mountain and trail running and it didn't take long for me to get hooked.

Heather “Anish” Anderson

Ultra Runner & Thru-Hiker

She is well known for setting the overall self-supported speed record on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013 (60 days, 17 hours, 12 min), breaking the previous record by four days.

Rachel Kelley

Road & Ultra Trail Runner
Rachel Kelley

Currently I would call myself an ultra trail runner, who still loves to keep up her speed on the roads, and by doing stadium work-outs.

Scott Wolfe

wasatch 2012

Ultrarunner, mountain athlete, bicycle enthusiast, surfer and coffee snob

Ann Mooney


Most of her mile are logged early in the morning before the rest of Washington awakens and she heads off to save our oceans.

Jessica Morrison

Road Runner

A thirty-something mother runner to two young boys. When I am not running, I am blogging about running!

Bryan Jolly

Ultra Runner
Bryan Jolley

Bryan was a late convert to running. As a Division 3 All-American basketball player, he grew up in a culture where running was considered a punishment, something used to pay for a mistake.

Lint Bunting

Thru Hiker
Lint Continental Divide

Lint has completed end to end thru hikes of the Ice Age Trail, Appalachian Trail (2), Pacific Crest Trail (3), Continental Divide Trail (2), Arizona and Colorado Trails.

James Lawrence

James Ironman World Record

James - The Iron Cowboy is a coach and speaker as well as a World Record holder. He completed 30 full distance triathlons completed in one calendar year (2012) - All in Altra

Tiffany Schwartz

Road Runner
Tiffany Schwartz

Started running in the 7th grade and never looked back.

Raina Rausch

Trail Running
Raina Rausch

A passion for running and racing. If you can't find her taking jaw-dropping photos on one of several western Oregon trails, she might be cranking out a set of road intervals in her small town in the coast range.

Jennifer Fisher

Road Runner
jennifer fisher Altra Zero Drop_Hood to Coast

Jennifer Fisher has been running since her mid-twenties and can’t imagine the sport not being part of her life.

Rachael Bazzett

Trail Runner
Rachael Bazzett

For me, running is much more than just a sport or competition. It is a way to escape the chatter, discover and push my own limits, and explore some of the beautiful natural places that are hidden at the end of many miles of trail.

Mick Jurynec

Ultra Runner

I love spending my time in the mountains – especially finding the hardest routes and linking up peaks in the Wasatch Range.

Brandon Wood

Road & Trail
Brandon Wood

3 years ago, I weighed nearly 300 pounds, and running was pretty much the furthest thing from my mind.

Liz Thomas

Thru Hiker
Liz Thomas at the trailhead

Liz Thomas is a well-traveled adventure athlete most known for breaking the women’s unsupported speed record on the Appalachian Trail in 2011

Lara Zoeller


Kathy Ann Vaughan

Zac Marion

Brandon Williams

Trail Runner

I have always been engaged in the outdoors for as long as I can remember. Camping, hiking and skiing as a kid it grew into a burning passion and longing to be in wild remote places.

Nele Schulze

Obstacle Runner
Nele Schulze

I became addicted to OCRs and I loved to run, and as time went on I became more interested and more knowledgeable in keeping myself fit.

Lindsay Mayfield

Trail Runner

In love with the scenic trails in the Marin Headlands and mountainous streets throughout SF.

Jen Richards

5k to Ultramarathon
Jen Richards

Wife, mother of 6, and ultrarunner

Jeffrey Kline

Gabe Grayum

Adventure Hiker

Gabe spends as many days as he can outside hiking, climbing, and skiing. Wilderness travel and multi-day hiking trips are his highest priority

Michael Giudicissi

Triathlete, Mudder, Runner
michael giudicissi

6x Ironman triathlete, Mudder, Marathoner, Coach, peaceful warrior.....

Susan Speidel

Trail Gal
White tanks

I did my first marathon in 2010 and have been moving towards longer distances and more challenging terrain ever since.

Lindsay Ludlow

Pro Triathlete

Kristina Kurdyla

Kristina Kurdyla

Jill Burchmore

Road Runner
Lifestyle 1 - Crop Tight Smaller

I enjoy running, cycling, swimming, hiking, yoga, reading, writing and spending time with my family and friends.

Katy Widrick

Triathlete, 1/2 Marathon Runner

I am an admitted fitness freak: an AFAA-certified fitness instructor, a triathlete, half marathon runner and also a new mom and a vegetarian. I love helping others get inspired to start sweating!

Paul Duncan

Steve Cannon

Endurance Runner
Steve Cannon

Completed over 100 marathons. 2011 Crossed State of Iowa 292 Miles. 11 Marathons in 11 days. First Running Circumnavigation of Lake Michigan.

Bill Smith


I am an Active Duty Military Officer and I have been running competitively since 2004, and racing over 20 Triathlons since 2008 with involvement in Trail Racing and CrossFit.

Christopher R. Johnson

Runner, Triathlete and Soldier

Chris grew playing sports and joined the Army with the intentions of following his dreams of serving his Country. Since then, he has picked up competitive Running and Triathlons.

James Madson

Ultra Runner

I discovered trail/ultra running when I moved to Eugene, Oregon, seven years ago and have been psyched ever since that all I need is some minimal gear and my own two feet to head out my door and explore.

Meranda Steel

phm in mk 2

I run Disney and beyond and blog about it at!

Sara Brunazzi

Ultra Marathoner
sara bridge

I started running in 2008, ran my first ultra in 2009, and I just finished my 76th lifetime race.

Joshua Merrick

Du Worlds Italy

I can be found coach/advising athletes in multi-sport and run training, rehabbing student athletes and weekend warriors

John Andersen

Trail Runner/Running store owner

Our store's goal is to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of going to a zero drop shoe with a wide toe box - the way our feet were made to be!

Ryan Green

Road Runner/Outdoor Fitness
Ryan Green

My passion for running has taken me across the country and opened up new friendships and wonderful opportunities.

Ryan Eisberg

Road Runner
Ryan Eisberg

Competitive athlete and outdoor enthusiast, Ryan is consistently pursuing new challenges in the outdoor arena.

Matt Hester


Matt runs for the joy of being outside and meeting people, he is not in for the time but for the health and fitness.

Cory Reese

Ultra Runner
cory reese

I am a husband, father, Hostess addict, and RUNNER. I'm happy anytime I've got my Altra shoes laced up and dirt underneath my feet.

Kyle Hughes

Daniel Calderon

Ultra Runner

He loves to run long distances in the beautiful mountains and beaches of Costa Rica and in between he competes in ultra races and multi - stage races up to 146 miles

Emir Dedic

Road/Trail/Ultra Runner
Emir Dedic

When he is not chasing his 2 kids around or working, Emir spends his free running, blogging and trading running stories with his wife.

Francesco Perri

Matt Hanson

Naomi Dalle

Trail Runner

I recently found my passion on the trails and went from zero to 50k+ in a matter of months. I've given my heart to the mountains whether on skis, bike, ropes or foot. I love it!

Nicklaus Combs

Ultra Runner

ultra runner. cyclist. beard grower. plant eater. i love mountains.

Richard Kresser

Richard Kresser

Bryan Morseman

Susie Duke

Road Runner

Susie has raced everything from the mile to the 50-mile but is a competitive marathoner. Outside of running she is a Pilates instructor, equestrian, and mother to one spunky little boy.

Cody Goodell

Heather Shourds

heather shourds

Discovered my passion in being a Personal Trainer. Love giving back through helping others.

Matthew Freeman


Robert Tuck

Ronnie Langford Jr.

run 143

When I’m not putting in time to better myself as an ultra runner, I’m usually working cows on the ranch, babysitting, or cooking. I haven’t always been a runner, but life circumstances have led me to love it unconditionally.

Susan Moote

Blue Lake

I’ve been doing triathlon for 30 years including 8 Ironmans and well over 100 races. 2014 focus is shorter races and mentoring newer triathletes.

Adam St. Pierre

Ultra Runner
Dolomites Altra via Adam Cliffs Passo Giao

During graduate school for exercise physiology he took up running and quickly decided that roads were not for him

Christopher Beck

Kerri Koehn

Road Runner
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.45.12 AM

Kerri Koehn began running in her late twenties and after placing in her first race she was completely hooked. She has run 24 half marathons, 7 full marathons including last year’s Boston Marathon and many shorter distance road races.

Denny Krahe

Jimmy Picard

Rebecca Hall

Mountain Runner
Rebecca Hall

I'm a runner-skier-backpacker mountain girl. I recently started coaching high school cross country and track, and I love instilling a passion for running in my athletes!

Stefanie Bernosky

Steve Peterson

Road Runner
Steve Peterson

I am looking to push my limits this year with a long distance charity run to raise funds for my summer beach town on the New Jersey shore

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